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Lisa Ansell


As the Author of the this exciting book Lisa Knows her onions 

A New Approach to Sales


This book will change your ideas about sales forever !!!

David Ffyske


David is the new kid on the block with a mere 20 years experience in the sales arena, so every day is a school day! 

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About Us

Here at Pull Not Push we believe in the team itself, therefore we want you to believe in us as well. To that end we want to introduce ourselves so you know exactly who you're dealing. It’s always nice to put a name to a face rather than hiding behind a fancy corporate logo like some faceless  leviathan. So here we are warts and all 

Lisa Ansell

As the brains behind the Pull Not Push methodology Lisa remains the world’s most reluctant salesperson; However she has thrived for the past 30 years at all levels in the sales arena. 

Lisa sees herself as a creative soul that that has survived in the unforgiving corporate world whilst evolving her methodology from the most random of sources as her influences. Like many of you reading this, Lisa believes that the typical salespeople can be insincere and Pull Not Push is an antidote to traditional sales methods designed to sell at you rather than identifying your needs through Socratic questioning.

David Ffyske

David has worked in sales for over 20 years and found that many sales managers are still offering their wisdom to new recruits based on techniques learned 20 years before. 

In David’s opinion this approach tends to lead to lazy sales through bullying techniques and compounds the perception that many people have about sales people being dishonest individuals. The reality of course is nothing happens in business without a sale and sales professionals are a key component to any successful business.

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